Frequently Asked Questions

A short step for the process. A great professional step.

  • 1.Is Bond Angel Compatible to all chemicals?

    Yes! Bond Angel was developed to provide magnificent results for any chosen transformation, being either dyes, bleaches, volume reduction, smoothing, or any other! Furthermore, it is compatible with all brands!

  • 2.Bond Angel improves the Expected Results.

    The formula of Bond Angel has been tested numerous times by highly qualified professionals, who approved and noticed in the hair of each customer a significant improvement even after the chemical transformation.

  • 3.Bond Angel Does not interfere in the pause time or in the Coloring Result.

    With Bond Angel, step by step application of bleaching, straightening, volume reduction, color, or any other procedure remains the same as the process you already know and trust, but the hair is even more divine!

  • 4.Bond angel leaves colors more vibrant and lasting.

    Bond Angel acts directly on the hair strand, protecting it from damage such as porosity or swelling of the cuticles. The result is a healthy and shiny hair, which retains the pigments for much longer.

  • 5.When bleaching, measure the proportion of bond angel by bleaching powder.

    Always consider the required measure of Bond Angel based on the amount of the bleaching powder used and not for the bleaching mixture itself (developer bleaching powder + oxLDL).

  • 6.Follow the recomended proportion and see the magic happens!

    Always use the mixture according to the amount recommended for the chosen chemical transformation. No more, no less. Thus, the hair will be beautiful, protected and with the desired effect!

  • 7.Bond Angel can be used as a single treatment for hair recovery.

    Bond Angel can also be used as a powerful reconstructor for damaged hair. This is because it has a special micro-molecule of hydrolyzed collagen in its formula, the one that can adhere much easier to damaged hair, and has the primary function of rebuilding broken disulphide bonds. This then multiplies them, strengthening the hair strands, protecting the color, providing shine and repairing the damaged surface!